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A business looking to operate more efficiently, Monica Premo says, could learn a lot from a kindergarten class.

To Premo, a professional organizer, a kindergarten class is a model of organization. Everything is labeled. Everything has a place. Everyone has an assignment.

“Even though it’s a busy place, it’s orderly and they get a lot done,” said Premo. “There’s a routine that helps the teacher and the classroom remain orderly.”

After working for years in industry as a planning and inventory-control specialist, she left for a while to be a stay-at-home mom for her three sons. After homeschooling for a year, she put her sons in public school and started to think about what she could do as a profession, while still having plenty of time for her family.

When her sister suggested that she become a professional organizer, Premo was skeptical.

“I didn’t want to be a closet organizer,” she said. “But I started looking into it and found out it was so much more than that.”

When she realized that she could use her experience to help small businesses operate more efficiently and help families get control of cluttered homes, she had found her calling.

Premo started Practically Perfect two years ago and has found a steady stream of customers, both businesses and individuals. She has been especially busy this year as she has become more known.

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