Wealth Magnet System

With full knowledge of companies such as Prosperity Automated System, EDC Gold, Coastal Club, Emerald Passport and International Galleries, Rich found the Wealth Magnet system by accident when he ran into an old friend, driving a new Hummer H2, at the gym in San Clemente. The friend told Rich about his new venture in Wealth Magnet and Rich joined soon thereafter. Wealth Magnet is run by Jim Mack and Byron Howell who are two of the brightest minds in internet marketing and direct sales today. The Wealth Magnet System is a brand new website that works by utilizing search engine optimization, podcasts, webcasts and direct mail to promote the system.

The Wealth Magnet System has just launched in the past month and already has thousands of members sign up for the system. The company is just a few weeks away from ending the pre-launch phase, but the comp plan does not revert to the 2-up sales plan thereafter.

The Wealth Magnet System is called a Complete Automated Home Business and is promoted as “Hands Free Income.” The company will help drive traffic to your personal Wealth Magnet System website via search engines, podcasts and other offline marketing systems, and people will sign up. There is no selling, closing or talking to do business with the Wealth Magnet System.

Internet Marketer Strikes it Rich by Accident by Joining the Wealth Magnet System

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