Beverage Companies To Reduce Water Usage


Coke will reduce the amount of water that goes into making its drinks. Last year, its bottlers used 290 billion liters of water in beverage production–leading one plant in southern India to wear out its welcome when the government accused Coke of drying up the water supply.

More than half of the water Coke used in 2006 was used in manufacturing processes– rinsing, cleaning, heating and cooling–rather than going into the drinks. Five years ago, making one liter of Coke took 3.14 liters, while now it only takes about 2.54 liters. The company is also putting effort into long-term conservation and plans to spend $20 million to protect seven major watersheds around the world in a World Wildlife Fund joint project.

Also addressing the long-term water shortage threat is rival Pepsi. The company’s Gatorade brand has begun rinsing with highly compressed air instead of water, reducing its water usage by about 20 percent. Its Tropicana unit also reuses water from washing oranges to wash equipment.

Photo by CocaCola.

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