Seattle Quenches A Niche In The Soda Market

Coca Cola and Pepsi take note: Seattle is about to give you a run for your money.

a 2-year-old Seattle company called DRY Soda Co. is appearing in retailers and restaurants throughout the west coast, with plans to expand nationwide by the end of 2008.

DRY Soda Co., which markets sophisticated, alcohol-free drinks that can be paired with fine meals, was featured in the May issue of Reader’s Digest as part of a “Best of America” list of the quirky and extraordinary.

The owner of DRY Soda says it demonstrates customer demand for something new in the soft drink market.

“There’s been such little innovation in last 100 years,” Sharelle Klaus said.

Her sodas are all-natural, non-caffeinated and flavored with extracts of fruit and herbs. They’re sweetened with a small amount of pure cane sugar and carbonated in the style of champagne.

In addition to appearing on the menus of Seattle restaurants like Chez Shea and Cascadia, DRY Sodas have caught on as a casual drink.

Photo by DRY Soda Co..

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