7 Places To Look For Wasted Time And Money

Small Biz Scene:

Small companies can’t afford not to run a tight ship. Even small costs or time drains can make the difference between staying afloat and sinking.

1. Errors. Making mistakes or having a defective product just means you have to repeat a process.

2. Overprocessing. This means doing something of no importance to the customer, such as having a half-dozen people review an application.

3. Overproducing. This is doing something before a customer wants it done.

4. Extra inventory. One company ordered photocopier paper in bulk, thinking it was getting a good deal. Then the business had to rent storage space because there wasn’t room for it all on site.

5. Transportation. Shuffling files around the office from one desk to another may not add much for customers except wasted time.

6. Motion. Walking a long distance just to get to a photocopier can rack up minutes that employees could better use doing something else.

7. Waiting. Customers often don’t care how nice a waiting room is. They would rather not have to wait at all.

Photo by MSDesigns.

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