Telecommuting – Five Ways to Find Your Niche

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The trend of telecommuting is on the rise as employers begin to see the savings involved in both gas and office space. With gas prices at an all-time high, many Americans are looking for ways to do less driving and more companies than ever before are offering telecommuting options to their current employees and searching for at-home employees to fill open positions. The question for the job seeker is now how to find these opportunities.

1. Check your local newspaper.

2. Search online using website such as and However, listings found online must be researched carefully to avoid the scams that abound on the Internet.

3. Posting your resume on websites such as is a third way to locate at work-at-home job. Putting your resume online can bring employers to you, depending on your skills and qualifications.

4. Open your phone book and call businesses in your area. For example, if you’re interested in doing administrative work, you might contact churches and small businesses in your area to see if they are looking for office help. Even if they are not currently seeking help, they may know of another business owner who is.

5. Create your own opportunity. For example, instead of finding a company that will hire you as an administrative assistant from home, consider starting your own business as a Virtual Assistant. You can offer your services to many companies, which can both increase your income potential and allow you the flexibility of deciding which jobs you’d like to accept.

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