Raising Kids And Running A Business

Contra Costa Times:

Lane Nemeth has encountered a laundry list of challenges while building her two direct sales companies, PetLane Inc. and Discovery Toys.

But having to “sign away her house” may not have been the biggest.

“Having to raise a child as a mother and build a successful company was one of the hardest things I did,” she said.

Making sure she was a great parent as well as a successful chief was no easy task. Her daughter Tara was still a toddler when she started Discovery Toys in 1978.

But somehow, through countless days of limited sleep, Nemeth of Lafayette made it. And because of her success, she is one of several mother entrepreneurs featured in the book “Secrets of Millionaire Moms” by Tamara Monosoff.

Monosoff is an entrepreneur and founder of the Alamo-based company Mom Inventors Inc., which helps mothers turn ideas into profitable products. Her company sprung from the success of her own invention called the TP Saver.

Photo by Discovery Toys.

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