Older Workers Better Bargain


Increasing numbers of experienced, older workers and new retirees are thinking about delaying retirement or rejoining the workforce.

But despite growing problems finding experienced help, employers see older workers as a mixed bag, according to a survey by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College.

Over 80 percent of employers said older workers were “as attractiveâ€? or “more attractiveâ€? than younger employees. The big draw is productivity: Employers believe older employees know their work and how to do it well.

What’s the hesitancy? They fear older workers also cost more in pay and benefits. What to do? The key finding of the survey is that an aging workforce can be a good thing for both employers and employees.

Given money saved by a highly productive worker, employers appear willing to hire older employees and may be willing to pay more.

And senior workers, especially those out of work, may be willing to accept less pay.

Photo by MSDesigns.

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