Franchising In Usa

The rampant success of franchising all around the world is evident to everybody and the United States is considered as the most dynamic market for this system made in USA. Franchise has developed here into 2 different ways:

* The so called ‘name brand product franchise’ concerns the sale of products from franchisors by the payment of a fee. This was the initial franchise formula working during the ’50s.

* The business format franchising has been representing the driving tool to start franchising in USA since 1950. Around the middle ’50s the first McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants were opened. By this formula the franchising bestower can identify himself into the franchisor producer and the steady and continuous relationship between franchisor and franchisee includes, besides products and services, registered trade mark, also the commercial formula of enterprise, strategies, marketing, quality control, internal communication and advertising. More.

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