Home Tooled

Is it a work space for artists or a coffee bar with a gallery?


Please Don't Call Me A Housewife

Not too long ago, a man taking down my personal information for some form or another asked me my occupation.


Quiznos CEO Tackles Chain’s Turnaround

Long before dawn breaks, Greg Brenneman is on the run, a habit that can be a bit disconcerting for his temporary houseguest.


Q400 Franchise Company A Winner For Self-Employed Women

With a national average of 20 percent of franchises of small businesses owned by women, Q400 company Aussie Pooch Mobile is way ahead of the pack, with 65 percent of its franchises now owned by Australian businesswomen.


Restricting Franchising Is Self-Defeating

The recent news of the government’s intent (not yet formulated as a regulation) to restrict foreign brands from entering India through the franchise model is shocking, as it violates the trade policy and trade covenants of India.


Herbalife Makes the Cover of Sports Illustrated

It’s not everyday that a Network Marketing company graces the cover of a major magazine.


Darden Searches For A New Brand

Pineapple upside down cake is nearing perfection.

How I Did It: Jerome Boykin

23-year-old Jerome Boykin was entering grad school in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina sent him, jobless and aimless, to his parents’ house in Houma, Louisiana.


Franchises In Fashion – Turkish Jewelry Chain Looks To Franchising For U.S. Expansion

Jemal Alagoz’ family operates a chain of jewelry stores in his native Turkey, but he wanted to establish a retail foothold in the United States.

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