Invention Keeps Cops Cool

A new invention is helping to keep police officers cooler during the hot summer months.

Many officers wear between 20 and 40 pounds of gear when they’re out on patrol and during the hot days of summer, it can be particularly uncomfortable and hot.

One officer explains what it’s like to carry the weight of the gear in the heat. He says, “Probably the easiest thing I could equate it to is if you wore sweaty gym clothes with a 20 pound vest over the top of that for ten to 12 hours a day. That is what it feels like when you are working in the summer with all this gear on.â€?

Deputies in Ada County, Idaho are using the new invention called the “Cool Cop” to beat the heat. It’s a simple device that looks like a vacuum cleaner hose.

The hose attaches to the air conditioning vent and the top of the device fits between the officer’s shirt and bullet proof vest. Cool air from the air conditioning vent is blown in between the officer’s vest and shirt.

One officer explains how the Cool Cop caught on in Ada, saying, “Once a couple guys started buying them and they worked, now it’s really popular, especially with the heat we’vebeen having [in Idaho].â€?

The officer goes on to say it’s worth the mere $60 it will set you back. He says, “It’s easier to step out and handle a traffic crash on the 110 degree asphalt and then get back and get refreshed and go on to your next call.â€?

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