Mompreneurs Are Flourishing

The Columbus Dispatch:

After a frustrating trip to the grocery store trying to shop for food, juggle coupons, look at the weekly specials and feed her infant, Laura Hamrick thought there had to be a better way for moms to get in and out of a store without going crazy.

Her solution?

Create a product that would effectively give moms another hand. The Westerville stay-at-home mom researched and devised OnTray, a container that could be hooked onto a shopping cart to hold food, coupons or other items to free up a parent to shop while keeping toddlers occupied.

In less than two months, Hamrick has sold more than 200 OnTrays at $6.99 each through her company Web site. One retailer is interested in selling the item in a chain of Minnesota grocery stores.

Hamrick is among a new breed of “mompreneurs,” a term used to describe women who leave the workplace to raise children and operate home-based small businesses.

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