Inventor’s Idea Is In The Can

Business Journal of Phoenix:

A Phoenix businessman is hoping to see millions of garbage cans thrown out with the trash.

Three years ago, a mighty struggle to clean up some lawn trimmings led Jack Fisher to literally kick the can. He then decided to turn the traditional concept of a trash receptacle upside down.

And he is convinced his invention someday will be used in most households and offices.

“Every industry in the country will eventually have to go to this version,” said Fisher, who owns Valley chimney-sweeping and duct-cleaning businesses.

The Easy Dump Trash Can allows for easier waste disposal and more economical use of garbage bags, he said.

He essentially turned the familiar product upside down: Fisher’s wastebasket is wide at the base and narrower at the top.

Using a foot pedal, the user can remove the body of the receptacle from its base for easy access to the trash bag. Fisher said the invention will help prevent back injuries because users no longer will need to yank overstuffed trash bags up and out of tall garbage cans.

He is focusing initially on the market for 23-gallon receptacles, those often used in restaurants and bars. Typical household kitchen trash bags are about 13 gallons.

Photo by Jim Poulin.

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