Pooch Hotel Is Booked Up

Columbia Tribune:

Imagine owning a home-based business and opening your door every morning to find seven of your customers standing on your porch, eager for your attention.

That’s literally what happens to Faye Nowell, owner of South Paw Acres, Interactive Boarding for Dogs, when she steps outside her home each morning and is greeted by seven wagging tales.

Home-based business owners tell us that’s the hardest part of the gig – never quite feeling like they get away from the company. No one knows that better than Faye. But she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“This is a ‘happy’ business to be in,” Faye says. “I have met the nicest people and dogs in the past six years. Several clients have become close personal friends. I enjoy seeing happy dogs coming back to us time and time again.”

“The daily group day-care setting was fascinating to me; how perfect for ‘lonely’ dogs to get together to play while Mom and Dad were away! I felt Columbia was ready to try this new level of pet care.”

Originally, most of Faye’s customers were day-care visitors. But before long, every weekend and most nights were full. As is the case for most small-business owners, word of mouth from satisfied customers has been the best advertising. From her first day in business when she had one dog for day care to now when slow days and weekends are rare, Faye says the business has stayed essentially the same, with only the addition of a few policies to ensure everyone is completely safe and comfortable.

Photo by South Paw Acres.

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