Single Mom Becomes Executive Regional VP


Colleen Hill was a broke, single parent with a daughter living in Los Angeles. She made a small investment in a home-based business and in less than a year achieved one of the top positions in Arbonne’s Swiss Health & Wellness Company. She went on to build a million dollar home-based business within two years.

Arbonne is one of the fastest growing Direct Selling companies in the country, growing at a rate of 164% in 2005 showing that Colleen is well ahead of the wave. In her first year of working with Arbonne she earned the coveted white Mercedes Benz and a company trip to Hawaii. Colleen believes strongly in mentoring, which has motivated her to empower other woman to reach for and attain VP levels within the company.

Colleen is the 1st Executive Regional Vice President in the Triangle area. “This is an amazing company that has allowed me to live the life that I could once only daydream about,” said Colleen.

Image from Arbonne.

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