Decorative Lighting Trend Electrifies Woman's Online Business

Daily Herald:

While sitting on her deck one evening with her husband, Chris Marchewka envisioned a strand of lights to brighten things up.

The idea for a business selling decorative lights sparked soon after. She had a difficult time finding exactly what she wanted.

Three years ago, Marchewka launched to sell party and decorative lighting. Things started off slow and she’d get about 20 hits a month on the Web site. She now gets about 200,000 hits a month and about 500 orders during that time.

Marchewka carries a wide variety of indoor and outdoor string lights shaped in a variety of shapes including baseballs, princesses and turkeys for Thanksgiving. “I try to offer a different selection,” Marchewka said.

Marchewka runs the business in Elgin in the same warehouse where her husband, Joe, owns a maintenance and industrial supply company.

The couple resides in Hampshire where they have a 6-year-old daughter, Sydney. Marchewka’s stepdaughter, Kate, is 22 and assists in the businesses.

“It’s a family business and making customers happy is important to us,” said Marchewka, 42. “I really love what I do,” she adds.

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