Workshop: How To Sell & Value A Small Business

WORKSHOP TITLE: How To Sell & Value A Small Business

WORKSHOP DESCRIPTION:70% of all California small and mid-sized businesses never sell when they are put on the market. Selling a business is not like selling a piece of real estate or any other type of asset. This webinar is designed for California small and mid-sized owners who are thinking of selling their business and need to know how to prepare and follow-through the right way to successfully value and sell their business. Selecting the right business broker or agent is also critical for this process and we will explore what to look for in an intermediary and what you should expect from them.

DATE: August 15, 2007 – Wednesday


LOCATION: Online here.


SPONSORS: & Business For Sale Online Academy (a nonprofit entity)


ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Peter Siegel, MBA — (800) 528-7718
This online workshop is taught by Peter Siegel, MBA a California consultant specializing in assisting those buying, selling, and financing (the purchase of) small to mid-sized California businesses. He writes a syndicated small business blog on the topic of buying and selling California small businesses, and has written 3 books on the subject.

Who Should Attend: This webinar course is designed for owners of California small to mid-sized businesses who are thinking of selling their business or those owners who are currently on the market and need the right tools to complete the job!


  • What Paperwork & Information To Get Ready Before Going To Market
  • Why Understanding Your Tax Returns & Financials Is So Important
  • How To Value Your Business To Sell Using Various Techniques & Common Sense
  • Why Financing Could Be Important To Your Deal Structure & What To Do About It
  • 10 Questions To Ask & What Answers You Should Look From A Broker Or Agent
  • Understanding Business Buyers & What Is Important To Them To Buy A Business
  • Why Non-Disclosure Agreements Are Important & What They Should Say
  • How Deals Are Usually Structured & Why
  • What Are The Best Times Of Year To Sell A Business
  • How To Advertise & Market A Business For Sale To Get The Price/Terms You Want
  • What You Should Expect From Buyers & Why Backup Offers Are Critical
  • The Closing Process: Escrow, Transition Issues, & Closing The Deal

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