Neato License Plates

Some cool collection of licence plates found at Crooked Brains which is not your everyday kind of licence plate.


World Record Roller Coaster

A university lecturer yesterday broke the world record for time spent on a rollercoaster – and is still going strong.

Trapped By Toyota

Loved this brilliant commercial by Toyota entitled “It’s a trapâ€?.


Cubicle Doorbell

You gotta get yourself one of these.


Aring Runs San Pedro's Longest Surviving Taho Business

Rosario Martinez, 76, better known as “Aring” to her family and friends, has been running the Jam Taho in San Pedro, Laguna for 24 years now.


When To Start

Even before publishing 20 Things Not to Do Before Starting A Business, I’ve been approached, nearly everyday, by someone anxious to start their own business, but who doesn’t know if they’re actually ready.


Entrepreneurial Mom Leads Exercise Class

It was quite a sight: six mothers and their children in strollers striding purposefully across Shelton Road in single file.


Seven Legged Lamb, Hold The Pickles!

This 7 legged hermaphrodite lamb in Nwe Zealand with polymelia (a birth defect involving limbs where the affected individual has more than the usual number of limbs) would probably be put down by vets after discovering that a part of of its bowel is missing and thereafter was unable to pass feces.


Mobile Cell Earrings

Will this be the latest fashion for mobile phone geeks?

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