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Lisa Leady operates her pet grooming business, Primp My Pooch, out of her home in Genoa. As part of her business, she travels to her clients’ home in her purple business van. The van is equipped with a grooming table, bath tub and various types of pet grooming supplies.

“It’s a fully-equipped grooming salon all inside of a van,” Leady said. “Anything I ever need is right there at my disposal.”

Leady said operating the business out of the van allows her to work with her clients’ pets in a quiet, relaxing environment. She said the quiet environment usually allows the pet to remain calm during the grooming session.

“It’s not a noisy environment like that of a grooming shop,” Leady said. “You can’t help but have noise in a grooming shop, because there’s more than one pet around. Sometimes you have days that are very noisy, and sometimes that will add stress to an animal. But because it’s a more personalized thing, you don’t seem to have the stress that an animal does in a grooming shop.”

Leady is a third-generation pet groomer. She previously operated a pet grooming salon in Hoffman Estates for about 10 years. She also has taught courses at pet grooming schools in Arlington Heights and Elk Grove.

Her daughter, Amanda, is not certain whether she wants to become a full-time, fourth-generation pet groomer.

“I was born in a grooming shop, practically, and yes I do love dogs. I love helping my mom, but I’m not sure, yet, if this is what I want to do for my full career,” Amanda said. “I have many, many hobbies that I can see myself going into for my career, but dog grooming and dogs, in general, will always be in my life.”

Besides operating her business, Lisa also is a member of Groom Team USA and has participated in many pet grooming competitions. She participated in a pet grooming competition in Italy in April and participated in a competition in France in 2005.

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