Mattel Recalls Toys…. Again!

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Today Mattel expanded their lead paint recall to include 253,000 die cast “Cars” toys. In addition, Mattel expended a 2006 magnetic toy recall to include about 7 million other toys.

Poorly constructed magnet toys have been the cause of several injuries and at least one fatality. When the toys break and magnets fall out, they can be eaten or inhaled by small children–causing punctures in the intestines and lungs and requiring emergency surgery. Lead paint is toxic to children can cause adverse health effects.

Here is a list of the newly recalled toys:

Cars “Sarge” 21/2″ Die-Cast Toy
Barbie and Tannerâ„¢ play sets — model numbers J9472 and J9560.
Doggie Day Careâ„¢ Magnetic Toys (All)
A Very Long List of Various Polly Pocket dolls and accessories with magnets
Batmanâ„¢ and One Pieceâ„¢ Magnetic Action Figure Sets

Mattel originally recalled the Polly Pocket magnet toys in November of 2006, after three children required emergency surgery to repair intestinal perforations caused by the magnets. Since then they have received 400 additional reports of magnets falling out of various Polly Pocket toys, prompting an expansion of the recall. And, of course, Mattel’s Fisher-Price division recently recalled almost a million toys due to lead paint.

Photo by My Simon.

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