Career Builder Working With Monkeys

From Yahoo! Press Release

Working with monkeys. This TV commercial was voted as the funniest commercial ad of the year and ranked amongst the most popular in USA Today’s Super Bowl Ad Meter poll. On Top ads for young adult category CareerBuilder’s working with monkeys scored 31%, better than Diet Pepsi and Adidas. And overall the brand (top ads in 2005)is in 5th position.

Peter Krivkovich, C-K president and CEO is visually pleased with the result. “Humor is a great way to grab a viewer’s attention but an ad can’t just be funny for funny’s sake. There needs to be a strategic insight behind it and, at the end of the day, it needs to move the needle for your client’s brand. This campaign did that overwhelmingly.â€?

I agree with you Peter Krivkovich one hundred percent. An ad cant just be funny for the sake of it. When humor is central to the message and message strongly communicates the concept nothing can stop it from hitting bull’s eye.

Careerbuilder in “working with the monkeyâ€? commercial features a human employee working in an office inhabited by chimpanzee co-workers.

Photo by Yahoo.

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