These Boots Are Made For Workin'

It’s a good thing for skilled tradeswomen that Marissa McTasney wears pink nail polish but doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty.

She also knows the business end of a circular saw and doesn’t want to look like one of the boys when she uses it, thank you very much.

That determination and one “eureka” moment in a Burlington boot shop are what drove the 32-year-old mom to dramatically change her life last spring by starting her own line of — dare we say it — totally cute work wear for women in girlish hues from pale pink to baby blue.

Based in the house she renovated and lives in with her young family just north of Whitby, Tomboy Trades Ltd. offers everything from boots and tool belts to hard hats and tinted safety glasses in female-friendly sizes, colours and styles.

But make no mistake: they may be pretty but these steel-toed boots are made for workin’.

“I can use a drill but I’m also a mom with two kids. And I wear pink nail polish,” McTasney says.

“It’s not just about wearing pink boots. It’s about not trying to look like a man to fit in on a work site. It’s about saying, `We are here!’ And it’s about style, comfort and personal taste,” explains the energized entrepreneur.

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