Burial Business For Beloved Cats And Dogs


With spa treatments, day care, designer clothes and even special room-service menus, there’s no shortage of amenities for beloved balls of fur. But when families are forced to say goodbye to Fluffy – the $36-billion pet industry falls flat.

About 63 percent of U.S. households own at least one pet, according to the American Pet Products Manufacturer’s Association. But many pet owners are left with few outlets for paying tribute to the life of their beloved dog or cat, aside from a backyard funeral and burial – which is illegal in many areas of the country.

And that’s how Paws & Remember built a business. The Fort Wayne, Ind.-based firm, which was founded in 1997, provides memorialization services and products for pets, including cremation, urns and keepsakes, along with training and education to assist veterinary clinics and other pet specialists in helping their clients at times of loss.

“People want some way of memorializing their pet and really paying tribute to a huge part of their family, but they want it to be easy to do,” said Randi Binstock, Chief Operating Officer of Paws & Remember.

Paws & Remember offers grief packages like the “legacy,” which includes an urn, paw print keepsake and photo album. The “simplicity” includes an engraved birch urn and picture frame. Packages cost between $200 and $500, including cremation.

Photo by Paws & Remember, LLC..

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