Entrepreneur Wins By A Nose

The Business Review:

Wayne Perry was having some success convincing people to pump hot pepper spray up their noses to relieve sinus congestion and chronic headaches.

But his big break came in a meeting six months ago with the man who decides what health and beauty care products go on the shelves at Price Chopper supermarkets.

After hearing Perry’s sales pitch, Dave Mongillo, a category manager at Golub Corp., parent of Price Chopper, remembers asking some co-workers with sinus problems to try the nasal spray. Their seal of approval helped get Sinus Buster into a few stores on a trial basis. Today, the product is in about 70 of the chain’s supermarkets.

Price Chopper is the single largest seller of Sinus Buster, which is made from natural ingredients including sea salt, eucalyptus oil, distilled water and capsicum, a type of hot pepper. When sprayed into the nose, the pepper’s active ingredient–capsaicin–soothes inflammation in the sinus cavity without causing “rebound” headaches that are common with over-the-counter medication, Perry said.

Perry, 41, a former self-defense instructor, came up with the idea for Sinus Buster 10 years ago during an appearance on the Oprah Winfrey television show.

As part of a publicity stunt, Perry got blasted in the face with pepper spray. Moments before, he came down with severe headaches, a condition Perry has suffered for years. After getting hit with the pepper spray, he realized his headache was relieved.

Photo by SiCap Industries, LLC..

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