Inspiration And Luck Ingredients In Niche Biz

The McPherson Sentinel:

Start with a pinch of inspiration, add a dash of luck and throw in a big heap of hard work. That’s the recipe Tammy Rose, with help from her husband Don and son Zach, has used to create their successful business Miraculous Meals.

The premise is clients sign up in advance for one of the assembly sessions and specify if they want three or six serving portions. Tammy Rose buys all the ingredients, lays out everything needed to fix the meals and does all the clean-up.

Clients assemble the 15 meals that average $2.78 a serving. The clients then take their finished meals home and freeze them for later use. For an additional charge ($30) Rose will assemble the meals and have them ready for pickup the following Monday.

Tammy Rose’s inspiration came from sessions of freezer meal cooking with another couple. But as the other couple ran out of time, she began preparing the menu and buying the ingredients. Soon other couples joined in and Rose started holding assembly sessions at Central Christian College’s dining area.

Several pairs of mothers and daughters (and even a few sons) like Louise and Raquel Otero work together assembling their meals and sharing some quality time.

“This is the second time my daughter’s come with me. She loves it,” Otero said.

Photo by Miraculous Meals.

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