Work at home moms, and momprenuers, are a driving force in our industry. The website has recently launched their newest local website I had the opportunity to sit down with Susan Hutson, their Community Director, and asked her a few questions about the focus and direction the website is taking. My questions are in bold.

For my readers who might not be familiar with, can you explain what it is? is an online community dedicated to the success of work at home women. We draw visits from over 4.5 million women each year, many of them new mothers or moms with small children. We guide them through the process of choosing the right business, home business start-up, coping with the demands of business and family and growing their business within their budget.

We also have sections dedicated to franchising, online education and are on the verge of launching our new, improved Mom Entrepreneur section geared toward women already established in business. Our ME section will cover areas like financial planning, press and media, hiring employees and expanding your market.

What’s the history of Bizymoms? Who founded it, and what’s the history? was created in 1997 by Liz Folger, a work-at-home-mom expert and author of the book, The Stay-at-Home Mom’s Guide To Making Money From Home.

Bizymoms has grown tremendously over the years, but some things haven’t changed. Everyone at Bizymoms is a home business owner, and we still live by our motto, “You can have it all!” Everyone at Bizymoms knows that sometimes, all a woman needs to make her business dreams come true are the right resources and a strong cheering section.

What does a work at home mom, or momrepreneur, get out of

Everyone at Bizymoms knows that sometimes, all a woman needs to make her business dreams come true are the right resources and a strong cheering section. Bizymoms strives to provide the best of both to our visitors. We encourage and inform though articles, message boards and live chats. We inspire women to try, set goals, dream big and succeed through our ideas section, newsletter, business templates and free business Easy Start program. The personal touch is also very attainable at Bizymoms; we have experts in various business fields ready to help and only an email away. Advertisers on Bizymoms also benefit from the best SEO and marketing team available on the Internet.

I see that Bizymoms is now opening local websites, like What do the local sites offer that was missing from the main site?

Yes! We are so excited about our Bizymoms Cities program. We saw a need. The Internet is a great place, but it’s not home. We think that moms helping moms is probably the best support system out there and the closer to home the better. Our city sites give moms within a very specific area the opportunity to connect, share ideas, network locally, form business co-ops, build close relationships and generally support each other on a much more personal level. I’m talking the type of relationships that can’t be supported when you are 1000 miles apart. Imagine a dog groomer and a pet lodging business owner in the Phoenix area meeting and forming a co-op marketing plan over lunch one day. The possibilities are endless!

In addition, joining the city site includes signing up on When moms join ekwa, they receive a free ekwalite account giving them the tools they need to virally market any business. Some of the perks of ekwa are blogging, posting articles, building a “friends” list, uploading photos, and starting a guest book and testimonial section.

What cities are you planning to do next?

By 9/1/2007, we will have launched Orlando, Phoenix and Boston. Next will be San Antonio and Ocala, Florida. In time, all of our city sites will have a “Mom Hostess” overseeing the content of the site. Our goal is to start with the major cities in each state, and then branch out from there. Special attention is also given to cities with a qualified and interested hostess already available. We also have plans to include cities in the UK and Canada in the future.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today!

Thank you for the opportunity to answer your interview questions. I hope [my comments] encourage and motivate your readers.

Originally posted by Dane Carlson on September 4, 2007 in Interviews.


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