Business Policy Takes On 4 Year Olds

From BBC

A four-year-old girl was asked to take down the hood of her cardigan while visiting a seaside amusement arcade.
Karen Lewis’s mother Cheryl, from Shrewsbury, said her daughter was upset following the incident at Les Harker’s Amusements in Rhyl during a holiday.

She said Karen was with her granddad playing on the 2p machine when a worker made the request because of “security”.

The arcade owner has defended the decision saying that his employee was only following instructions.

Ms Lewis, 36, said: “I was having a game of bingo while the little one was on the 2p machine with my dad Desmond.

“She had her hood up on her cardigan, a young lad came across and asked her to take her hood down because of security.”

When Ms Lewis learned what had happened, she spoke to the worker. She said: “He said ‘It’s policy, they don’t allow any hoodies in there.'”

Photo by Billboardem.

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