The Benefit of Quiet


I think anyone can benefit from some quiet time alone. But this is especially true for the mom entrepreneur. When I meet mommy moguls, I find that they’re running full speed from the time the sun comes up until they crash on the pillow very late at night. They unanimously say their environments are noisy and chaotic. While this is normal, it’s also unfortunate since quieting the mind can be very beneficial.

My day is admittedly very busy. I am raising two kids, running a national company, and writing for magazines and books. However, I absolutely schedule quiet time for myself regularly. It’s during my moments of quiet that everything comes in to place. Solutions seem to rise to the surface. Peace comes over my body. And I renew my energy to keep up with the rest. When your day already feels packed, how do you find the time for this?

  • Wake up earlier. Wake up before your family and sit with no technology–TV, radio, computer, phone–and have a cup of tea. Do nothing but meditate on what you want to get out of your day.
  • Take a bath. Nothing gives me instant relaxation like a bath. About once a week, I light some candles and dip into the tub after my kids go to bed. I do nothing but reflect.
  • Go for a walk or run. My mind fills with ideas as I get lost in the workout. Have a notepad ready at the end.
  • Enjoy your drive. When going for a drive without kids in the car, turn everything off. That means no phone or radio. You’ll find that these moments of solitude can also bring great regeneration.
  • Meditate. Find a few moments throughout the week to breathe and let your stresses float away. When you meditate, your thinking mind becomes quiet.

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