Woman Lights Up Marketplace

Pacific Coast Business Times:

Some women choose to put their careers on hold when they become mothers. But for Santa Barbara mom Rachel Quittner, it launched hers as an entrepreneur.

With three little boys to take care of, she needed a way to check on them at night without waking them up by turning on the light.

By adapting her husband Brian’s invention of a hands-free mobile light source, used mainly by police officers, she came up with the Babeebrite light.

Parents can wear the light, which has an adjustable arm, around their necks and the glow from its LED doesn’t disrupt night vision.

Quittner said her adaptation is great for everything from diaper changes to breast feeding. Especially with a built-in timer, she said sleep-deprived moms don’t have to worry about wasting battery power if they fall asleep.

Photo by MommyBeeHappy.

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