New Updates to eBay Site

ebayThe eBay Community Development team announced changes that will most likely please eBay members who are tired of multiple log-in screens as they move throughout the auction site. Soon they will be able to log in with their user ID and password and actually stay signed in as they use other areas of eBay, like the discussion boards, eBay Groups and Answer Center. After the change takes place, you should not need to log in to eBay a second time, unless you quit your browser. For those who do want a separate sign-in for the Community forums area, you can set this option in your preferences.

This week eBay also introduced an offline holiday promotion: you can give the gift of IT by purchasing and giving eBay Gift Cards. The new gift cards are expected to be widely available in stores by November. Currently, you can only purchase and send an eBay gift card online.

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