The Canadian Press: Sex toy parties enjoy boom as taboos fall away and women shop with friends

passion partiesCALGARY – The red wine was flowing, the talk was all about sex and the debate raged over whether a man could be replaced by a vibrating device. A nice night at a sex toy party.Jo – Ann Archer has been conducting these events for seven years for Passion Parties, a U.S. – based chain that specializes in “romantic products.” Her business card includes the subtitle “Where Every Day is Valentine’s Day.”

“I tell people I do home parties for adult women and couples and I sell products that will enhance their love life,” said Archer as she prepared to give her spiel to 16 women at a house party just northwest of Calgary. “And it depends who I am talking to – I might even tell them that I sell sex toys.”

Archer, an executive director with the company, has 148 consultants working under her across North America with annual sales from the team at about $550,000. Archer herself does between eight and 12 parties a month with annual sales of $60,000.

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Originally posted by Ty Tribble on September 24, 2007 in MLM Site.


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