Not Your Father’s Soda Pop


First, gourmet chocolate was all the rage. Recently, we told you about about gourmet marshmallows. And now, it’s all about premium sodas.

The $15.6 billion soda industry is diversifying with beverages like Jones Soda Company’s Blue Bubble Gum Soda, Izze Beverages’ Sparkling Clementine and Cricket Green Tea Cola.

Though these specialty sodas may take a while to reach the status of Coke and Pepsi, industry insiders say it’s only a matter of time. “Soda is an indulgence, a treat … [and] when consumers want to indulge they want to indulge in something that’s really good,” said Peter van Stolk, president and founder of Jones Soda.

Some restaurants are picking up on the trend by matching entrees with premium sodas that will complement or highlight the taste of their food, just like they do with beer and wine.

Photo by Jones Soda Co..

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