China Hospitality News:

Super 8 Hotels in China has responded to claims made by a former franchisee that the global hotel chain owned by Wyndham Worldwide had broken agreements.

The franchisee has told local media that he was the first real franchisee for Super 8 in China and had signed a three-year exclusive agreement with Super 8 China on opening hotels in Hangzhou in 2005 in which they agreed that Super 8 must consult with him when opening a new hotel in Hangzhou.

However, in April and July this year, without his knowledge, he says Super 8 reportedly opened two new hotels which were said to be too close to his own hotels, which infuriated him and resulted in his shifting to Hanting Hotels, a rival of Super 8.

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Originally posted by Mark on September 24, 2007 in Franchise Site.


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