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Q: How did you get started?

A: My friend Kelly L’Heureux was the former owner. She’s another soccer mom who lives in Falmouth, and had the business in her home and was selling it, so I bought it from her. She had bought it several years before, when it was the Poplar Ridge Cookie Company, down on Fore Street.

Q: So, what exactly is the business?

A: I make custom cookies — cookie bouquets and boxes and trays and things, all hand-cut. Last week I did a wedding-gown cookie for a bridal party. This week I have the Falmouth Education Foundation fundraiser. So I’m donating 200 electric guitars that are ginger cookies, and an Elvis bouquet.

Q: All the work is done at home — ?

A: I have a small room, 10 feet by 12 feet, that’s been converted into a small bakery. There are four convection ovens. I can cook like 75 cookies in 13 minutes.

Q: What were the startup costs, with the ovens and stuff?

A: For the whole business, it was into five figures. I also needed to buy a computer, software for billing and invoices, a countertop, shelving and so on.

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