Mom's Making Money From Home

We’re still 3 weeks away from Halloween, but many stores already have Christmas items on their shelves.


The Sound Of Kindermusik

It’s Thursday morning in Murrysville and the babies in a colorfully decorated room on the ground floor of the United Methodist Church are doing pretty much what babies do: They fuss, they watch each other, and they put whatever toy or item they touch into their mouth.


Acai Fruit: Most Nutritious in the World?

“The acai berry is one of the most nutritious and powerful foods in the world,” said Jeff Graham, managing director of product development for MonaVie, makers of two juice beverages that contain acai berries, along with eighteen other fruits.

FRANCHISING Virtual Copies

Fast-food restaurants.

Amway India TV Commercials

Amway India has launched a Rs15-crore television ad campaign managed by Rediffusion DYR.Amway has been a print advertiser for sometime, and according to William Pinckney, managing director and CEO Amway India, adopting television was a conscious decision for the company seeing its rise in popularity as a medium.


First eBay Seller of the Year

A trader who has developed a multimillion-pound business has been named the first eBay seller of the year.


Will eBay’s Neighborhoods Increase Sales

After a week of negative headlines regarding its overpayment for Skype, today eBay launched Neighborhoods, its own social network of sorts meant to get passionate collectors talking about their crap.