DIY Wedding Rings


Few possessions are closer to married consumers’ hearts than their wedding rings, but purchase decisions have traditionally been limited to figuring out whether to buy one ready-made or to ask a jeweller to make a custom one. Now New York Wedding Ring is offering consumers a third possibility: make it themselves.

Consumers are well-acquainted with the “make or buy” decision from many aspects of their lives, but rarely has jewellery been one of them because of the skill and equipment required.

New York Wedding Ring, however, is changing that with private, full-day workshops in which couples can design and craft their engagement or wedding rings.

A professional jeweller guides them at each stage of the process as they work with platinum, gold, palladium, or mokume gane; by the end of the day, they will have crafted professional-quality rings through an experience they’ll always remember.

Kids already have Build-A-Bear Workshops and Ridemakerz–now there’s an opportunity for grownups with wedding funds at the ready. It’s the Experience Economy at work, and the concept dovetails nicely with the customization and crafts trends. What else might consumers be eager to make themselves…?

Photo by New York Wedding Ring.

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