Bumper Signs Makes Driving Easier For New Drivers

The Bay City Times:

They say necessity is the mother of invention, so the mom of a heckled teen driver figured out a way to get other motorists off her daughter’s back.

Julia Compton founded JC Enterprises New Driver Signs, a company the sells green and black banners for parents of young drivers to place on the rear bumper of their vehicles to alert others on the road.

Inspiration struck last spring, when Compton’s 15-year-old daughter, Jill, encountered testy motorists while practicing her driving on highways and byways around the tri-counties.

”They would tailgate her and honk and things like that, not knowing she is just learning to drive,” Compton said. ”Now, with the signs, people understand.”

Her daughter agrees.

”It makes me feel more comfortable, and everybody just stays back and lays off and they don’t yell at me and stuff,” said the Dow High School sophomore.

Image from New Driver Signs.

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