Successful Solo Career

Money Magazine:

Being your own boss has a lot of advantages, but making the transition from the traditional corporate world takes work.

  • Give yourself financial padding
  • Most people need to set aside a year’s worth of income before they cut themselves loose. You’ll know within eight months whether you’re developing a sustainable business. To boost your survival chances, make sure your entire income does not flow from any single project.

  • Be an advertisement for yourself
  • Sure, everybody you’ve ever met considers you a role model – just like Mom said. But that doesn’t mean they’ll slap down $150 an hour for your (alleged) wisdom.

    Start by approaching your former employer if you saw a niche where consulting help might fit. And reacquaint yourself with your network of contacts. You’ll also have to get used to proudly displaying your name tag at formal get-togethers and finding subtler ways to spread the word at golf games.

    It’s worth spending money on classy letterhead and business cards, says Pam Lassiter, a career adviser and author of The New Job Security. “You want to inspire confidence. You don’t want to look as if you’re just between jobs – even if you really are.”

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