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Back in the 1990s, Google Inc.’s cofounders — Larry Page and Sergey Brin — played to their own drummer.

Instead of taking gobs of venture capital, the dynamic duo did it on the cheap by themselves. For example, they built a sophisticated server platform using old PCs and free Linux software.

And, when cash was low, they used their trusty credit cards. You could say that Google built a business using old-fashioned bootstrapping.

Looking for some insight, tips and hints on bootstrapping, I spoke to a variety of entrepreneurs on the topic.

Anders Heie, cofounder of KaDonk:
“We found a law firm that was willing to help us out on a line of credit, to be paid back once we became profitable or raised more than $1 million. This allowed us to get incorporated, and work out several legal kinks in the startup process.

Chase Norlin, founder and CEO Pixsy:
“Find a developer and get started. Too many entrepreneurs put together plans and strategies for raising funding but never do the actual work. Find someone to build your product and get going. If you can’t pay them, pay them in equity.”

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