Outdoor Ads Target Air Travellers


UK-based Ad-Air Group is taking outdoor advertising to a higher level with a planned network of flat on the ground billboards, each five acres in size. All ads in the network will be strategically placed along the flight paths of the world’s major airports.

Given their enormous size, passengers will have plenty of time to reflect on an ad’s message as their plane takes off or approaches an airfield. The company spent more than seven years securing strategically placed plots of land and will charge a reported GBP 40,000—80,000 per month based on an ad’s location.

The first of what will be 30 of mega ad sites debuted in Dubai in October. The ad for a real estate company operating in the futuristic Middle Eastern city will be seen by an estimated 14 million travellers winging overhead each year.

But its sheer size has already earned it a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records and provided the client company with plenty of free publicity.

Photo by Ad-Air Group.

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