Minnetonka Mom Makes Hockey Easier


A hockey mom from Minnetonka may have created a solution to getting kids ready for the rink.

Kristi Harris has three kids who play hockey and one memorable day at the rink, she had just about enough.

“The light bulb moment for us was when my husband was out of town. My oldest started playing hockey; I had a toddler trying to grab something from the vending machine and a baby in one arm while drying to dress my other son. Everyone in the locker room was crying parents were ready to pull their hair out and I walked out of there and said, there has got to be a better way,” said Harris.

Harris developed a one piece, pull-on called Ice Armor. The suit has all the pads inside. And the best part: All kids have to do is slip into it.

“Just like when I pull it out of the box. One piece, shins, the cup, straps for the sox, chest and shoulder,” Harris said.

After some trial and error, the final product came to life.

“I am definitely an unlikely inventor of hockey equipment maybe that is why it came to me, because I wasn’t use to putting everything on the traditional way,” Harris explained. “Necessity is the mother of invention and I am the mother of three boys who found it necessary to come up with a better way to make dressing for the sport of hockey that we love….easier.”

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