3 Ways to Save The World

Friedbeef’s Tech:

Dedicated to save the world right from your computer, here are 3 green ways to make a positive difference to the environment today!

1. Save Printer Ink
Printing unnecessary items not only hurts the environment but your wallet as well. Here are 2 quick ways to ensure efficient printing.

    Method 1: Print ‘Selection’ Only. What you can do is select the desired text with your mouse, then when you hit the print button…change the ‘print range’ to ’selection’ when you print. That way only the items you highlighted are printed out.

    Method 2: Remove unwanted portions of a web page
    If you want a web page to still look almost like the original page except without items like graphic or ad banners etc. you can try a Firefox extension called ‘Nuke Anything : Enchanced’ (Sorry Internet Explorer users). This will allow you to right click anything on the screen and remove it instantly prior to printing.

For 2 more ways to save the world, go here.

Photo by MSDesigns.

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