The Funny Thing About Niche Marketing

Scott Allen’s Entrepreneurs Blog:

I learned a really interesting thing about niche marketing recently. Well, I suppose I had always sort of known it, but it struck me very powerfully when I experienced it first-hand.

No, I’m not talking about the fact that narrowing your marketing to a particular niche often brings you more business. Even though that’s counter-intuitive, it’s also the basic premise of niche marketing. What I’m talking about is that narrowing your marketing to a niche often brings you more business in other areas — in the broader areas or diverse products and services that you’re wanting to offer.

I experienced this first-hand over the past year or so. I felt like I wasn’t getting as much business as I should have been, given how hot the topic of my primary business is (I advice companies on how to make effective business use of social networking and social media). So I narrowed my niche — I decided to focus in on one particular area of specialization (in my case, the use of LinkedIn). I started a blog specifically on the topic, did some free teleclasses, signed with a publisher to be executive editor on a book series about it, etc.

And business started booming. But here’s the funny thing… NOT just on the topic of LinkedIn consulting, but for a much broader range of services.

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