Inventor Solves Age-Old Mystery Of Missing Socks


You’ve completed the weekly wash and as you’re pairing up socks for the drawer, you discover one or more have mysteriously disappeared. Sound familiar?

Well, worry no more because a clever entrepreneur from San Francisco has devised a creative solution to this irritating phenomenon.

Edwin Heaven is the inventor of THROX, the first socks to come in threes, so when you lose one you still have a pair. The Cure For The Missing Sock!

Says THROX inventor, Edwin Heaven: “THROX makes the perfect Christmas stocking stocking-stuffer because it’s both fun and practical.”

Yes, considering that every washer/dryer has either a sock monster or some kind of Bermuda Triangle, three-socked THROX is one hell of a practical and fun holiday gift idea, Mr. Heaven.

Besides, if tires come with a spare, why not socks?

Photo by THROX.

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