Niche Biz: Eco Starter Kits


Most of us realize there are changes we should make in our lives to become more environmentally friendly, but overcoming inertia and actually doing it can be another matter. Now a few different companies offer starter kits to help make those changes happen.

Greensender, which just launched in October, sells green gift boxes designed to help people start embracing simple green practices. Each Greensender box contains a reusable aluminium water bottle, a reusable organic cotton grocery bag, an energy-efficient compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulb and an organic cotton T-shirt–all selected for their easy integration into people’s everyday lives, Greensender says. Logo-emblazoned versions can also be purchased for corporate or event purposes, and Greensender donates at least one percent of its sales to 1% For The Planet.

GoGreenGift, meanwhile, packs a reusable bag with a CFL bulb; a low-flow shower head; organic fruit leather, coffee and tea; assorted herbal body care products; and its GoGreen EcoGuide.

Virginia-based Green-kits, which launched earlier this year, offers a variety of eco kits including basic and deluxe starter kits along with packages focused on cleaning, the kitchen, and baby care.

A full 87 percent of Americans are “seriously concerned” about the environment, according to the 2007 GfK Roper Green Gauge study, yet only 30 percent of the population is actively ‘green’. The remainder, and the rest of the over-developed world? Nothing short of a ripe opportunity!

Photo by Greensender.

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