The Hidden Business Ideas Letter

Dien Rice’s The Hidden Business Ideas Letter is one of my favorite weekly reads. It is all about little-known, unusual, profitable businesses that people are running right now. Most of the business ideas you’ll see here are also low-cost to start.

In this week’s issue, you’ll find four great ideas:

Hidden Business Idea 1: Treasure From Exotic Travel
Hidden Business Idea 2: Make Cash Tracking Others’ Stash
Hidden Business Idea 3: Art Park Profits
Hidden Business Idea 4: “Fungolas” From Food

If you subscribe to the newsletter, you’ll also receive access to their entire library of back issues. Four ideas, that might be new to you, from an old issue are:

Hidden Business Idea 1: Poster Profits
Hidden Business Idea 2: Sharper Tools To Internet Profits
Hidden Business Idea 3: Profit By Helping The Deaf
Hidden Business Idea 4: Online Social Club Cash

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