My Favorite Books of 2007: One Person/Multiple Careers

I know that many of my readers wear two hats. By day you’re staff accountants or UPS managers and at night you’re entrepreneurs going alone at the American dream. Some of you, undoubtedly wear more.

You a’re what Marci Alboher calls a “slash”. A something slash something-else. Mom/CEO. Police Officer/Personal Trainer. Lawyer/Chef.

Her book One Person/Multiple Careers: A New Model for Work/Life Success tells many stories of those who have achieved success as slashes. I enjoyed the analogy so much, that I’ve made the book one of my favorite business books of 2007.

I have a copy of the book to giveaway. To enter, comment on this post with your slash, or subscribe to my RSS feed via email.

Publisher’s description of the book after the jump:

ONE PERSON/MULTIPLE CAREERS reveals how a new breed of workplace trailblazers have combined multiple talents to create the kind of work they’ve always dreamed of and to enrich their personal lives as well. Filled with inspiring tales of career and financial success and loaded with levelheaded advice, this book will show you how you too can “slash” your way to a flexible and fulfilling work life. You’ll learn how to:

  • Balance multiple careers, yet find more time for friends and family
  • Prepare a résumé, bio and Web site that will present your unique and varied talents
  • Use your current career to help cultivate another slash
  • Negotiate a customized work arrangement with your employer to free yourself up for other pursuits.

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