Dogs And Families Of North Texas And Plano, TX Get Petiquette

petiquette.jpgDogs and families of Plano, TX get Petiquette. Rhonda Rider, local multinational telecommunications expert and now owner of a Jim Burwell’s Petiquette, brings peace, harmony and communication to thousands of doggie households with proven dog training methods, done in your home, at your convenience. Rider believes she ended up on the winning side with her trade off from being an expert in corporate communications to being an expert in teaching owners how to train and communicate leadership to their dogs.

Rider left her career in multinational telecommunications to pursue her dream; a career with dogs. Rider’s desire to work with dogs, her burn-out with corporate America after 20 years and her belief in a dog training system honed by renowned dog trainer Jim Burwell, all fell into place this summer. That’s when Rider found Jim Burwell’s Petiquette, the premier in-home dog training franchise and purchased the Plano area as her territory.

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