Baby Friendly Beads: By A Mom To Help Moms

If you have or currently are breastfeeding a child, then you might understand what exactly it was Jen must have gone through. One day she started to think about what type of item could make her own son stop pinching her or pulling her hair, and would with stand him tugging and playing with it. She tried many times to come up with someone when she finally created what she believes to be the prefect item.

In her Etsy store, Baby Friendly Beads, Jen sells nursing necklaces, reminder bracelets, among some other items and sets. These clasp free, adjustable necklaces are meant to be study enough to with stand a child pulling on it, but attractive enough that you can wear it at any time. Better yet, it will keep your breastfeeding child preoccupied so you won’t have to feel any more of those special pinches or the hair tugging.

Along the way Jen also decided to make reminder bracelets. She even makes them as a set to go with the nursing necklaces or you can buy them separately. With these great bracelets you won’t have to keep a nursing log just to remember which breast to start with first the next time you feed your child. Instead this little bracelet (placed on a the corresponding wrist) will help you remember.

Moms love to support other moms, but in the case of Baby Friendly Beads the quality and the fact that they’re hand made should be all you need to be drawn into Jens products.

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