Stylish Medical Bracelets By A Mom Who Uses One Herself

Most people know what a medical bracelet is, yet many don’t wear one although they probably should. Medical bracelets are generally ugly and that just adds to the reason why many people won’t wear one.

Tina Sprigg is a mom who suffers from Crohns Disease. Although her disease wasn’t what inspired her to start making medical bracelets. It was a woman who requested one from her that gave her the inspiration she needed to start making them. Once she started selling them, they quickly became one of the top items sold through her website, The Beadin’ Beagle.

The name of her business is one that not many people would think of. It generally raises questions of how she came up with such an interesting name. As it turns out, she explains it on her ‘about us’ page. When she’d first started beading, before she started her business and started making medical bracelets, her first rescued beagle would sit at her feet while she worked on her projects. As time went on she started to call Jake her “Beadin’ Beagle”. So when it came time to think of a name for her business, that was the first thing that came to mind and a great business with a great name was born.

Tina doesn’t just make medical jewlery. You can also purchase children ID bracelets from her website.

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